Verb Tense and Form - Intermediate Practice

Intermediate Practice

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Consider the verb tense and form in each of the following questions. First, select the verb tense of the bolded verb in each question. Second, respond to the questions in the text boxes with a complete sentence using a logical tense and verb choice. For more advanced practice, try using a different verb than the one in the question. 

Please note, there may be multiple revision options although you will see only one option after you submit your response. Compare your revision to the answer and determine if one is more effective. Make sure your verb is in the same tense as the suggested answer.

You must respond to each question before the AGG response will be displayed. After you submit each response, you will see the AGG response, but you won’t be able to see your response until the end. After the quiz, you will be able to review the summary of responses including the original sentence, your own response and the AGG revision. This quiz has 22 questions.

Example: What is your favorite thing about UC Davis?

Answer: Simple Present

Example: What is your favorite thing about UC Davis?

Possible Response: I really like working out at the ARC.

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