Adjectives That Come from Verbs - Advanced Practice

Advanced Practice

Click to download a PDF of these practice activities. Click to download a PDF of the answer key.

For each set of sentences, first select the participial adjective in each sentence, and second, decide whether or not each one is used correctly. Correct any mistakes in the text box (not every sentence will have a mistake).

You must respond to each question before the AGG response will be displayed. After you submit each response, you will see the AGG response, but you won’t be able to see your response until the end. After the quiz, you will be able to review the summary of responses including the original sentence, your own response and the AGG revision. This quiz has 14 questions.

Example: This newly design bicycle allows women to better ride it

Participial adjective: design

Correct form: This newly designed bicycle allows women to better ride it.

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