Passive vs. Active Voice (Style) - Advanced Practice

Advanced Practice

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In the following sentences, some passive constructions cause confusion. If a sentence is confusing and should be revised to active voice, revise it in the textbox to clarify the idea without losing meaning. Are there any sentences that must remain passive? If so, in complete sentences explain why in the textbox. 

Please note, because revising passive voice deals with style more than grammar rules, there may be multiple correct ways to revise each sentence, although you will see only one option after you submit each response. Compare your revision to the  answer and determine if one is more effective. One way to do that is to determine which revision has fewer words but still maintains the original sentence's meaning. 

You must respond to each question before the AGG response will be displayed. After you submit each response, you will see the AGG response, but you won’t be able to see your response until the end. After the quiz, you will be able to review the summary of responses including the original sentence, your own response and the AGG revision. This quiz has 6 questions.

Example: One major smart phone, the iPhone, which is produced by Apple Inc., has a big share on the industry.

Possible revision: One major smart phone, Apple Inc.’s iPhone, holds a major share of the industry.

Example:  Montresor’s comment on Fortunato's costume, “How remarkably well you are looking today!”, is linked to his intentions (Barban 54).

Necessary passive: The verb phrase "is linked" is necessary because what matters here is the relationship between the comment and Motresor's intention. If the writer changed the sentence to include the subject linking the two things (the author of the story), the meaning of the sentence would change and possibly cause confusion.

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