AATC Statistics

Tutoring and AATC Front Desk Updates

All AATC services are offered remotely for winter 2021 and spring 2021.
The Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has created a website with Resources for Racial Trauma.

AATC Tutors provide support for undergraduate* students enrolled in STA13 and 100, or with R-Studio Questions

calendar icon OASIS Appointments: If it is your first time making a tutoring appointment, please start by reading these brief instructions.

*Graduate students looking for statistics help for research can book appointments with the Stat Lab run by the Department of Statistics.

More About AATC Stats Specialist Services

Content Review

STA 13 Content Review will meet for two hours on Zoom twice per week. Sean, an experienced AATC Peer Tutor, will review specific topics covered in the STA 13 lecture.

AATC Specialists

James can help students with STA13 and Sara can help students with STA103.

Winter 2021 | STA13 Workshop

STA13 Workshop on Zoom
Register for the Workshop on Canvas
TWR 1:10 - 2 p.m.
TWR 2:10 - 3 p.m.

What happens in the AATC workshop?

  • REVIEW what you heard about in lecture

  • PRACTICE working problems and answering questions

  • EXPLAIN concepts in small groups to practice vocabulary

  • LEARN tips for using statistical tools on a calculator

  • ASK questions to fill in gaps from lecture notes or problem sets