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We understand the campus directives about remote learning raises some questions. Student Affairs has created and will be updating a page with frequently asked questions for students.

AATC Statistics

statistics formulas on a classroom chalkboard

Tutoring Updates

AATC Drop-in Tutoring will move online for spring quarter 2020. Book an Appointment tab coming soon.

TUTORS - A team of highly trained undergraduate students who have been successful in the courses you are taking.

Spring 2020 CO-STA13 Course

WLD931-001 (online)

CRN: 84874

1 workload unit with Pass/No Pass grading
Live support online: Tuesday/Thursday from 11 – 11:50 a.m.

What happens in the AATC co-class?

  • REVIEW what you heard about in lecture

  • PRACTICE working problems and answering questions

  • EXPLAIN concepts in small groups to practice vocabulary

  • LEARN tips for using statistical tools on a calculator

  • ASK questions to fill in gaps from lecture notes or problem sets

For questions about the co-STA13 course, please email:

Math and Science Specialist Websites

Chemistry: Jade, Mariya

Math: Casey, Claire, Duff, Grant, James, Sara

Physics: Casey, Duff

Statistics: James, Sara