Writing Support Center Services for Undergraduate Students

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Writing Support Center Updates

The Writing Studio for Winter Quarter will open January 13, 2020. The hours will be Mondays-Thursdays 12pm to 5pm in the University House Annex.

Writing Specialist calendars open on January 6, 2020. Writing Assistant and Writing Tutor calendars open on January 13, 2020.

New for 2020: Writing Specialist, Writing Assistant, and Writing Tutor appointments are on our Coursework, Scholarships, Appeals, and UCD Programs calendar.

Writing Support Center Services for Undergraduate Students 


Individual appointments 

  • Click on Book an Appointment to schedule an appointment with an AATC Writing Specialist, Writing Assistant or Writing Tutor for feedback on a course essay, a scholarship essay, or an appeals letter.

The Writing Studio 

  • The Writing Studio is a collaborative writing space where you can get help from Writing Tutors, Specialists, Assistants, and other resources.
  • The studio is drop-in (no appointment needed). See ‘making the most of the writing studio’ below for more info.

Support classes and workshops

  • Writing Specialists offer support classes in partnership with campus programs. Please check with your program to see if there is a class offering and to get this quarter’s CRNs.
  • The workshops are open to anyone. You do not need to register ahead of time. Our offerings will vary each quarter. See the table below for workshop topics and dates.

Digital resources for students

  • Interested in having digital copies of our worksheets and resources? Take a look at our shared Google Drive folder or visit our YouTube channel to see useful videos about writing and locations of our tutoring services.

Help With Different Types of Writing

Review this chart to see where you can get help with writing that's not for a course or scholarship, depending on what kind of writing you have:

Type of Text

Writing Specialist, Assistant, or Tutor Appointments

Writing Studio

Graduate School Personal Statement Calendar



Note: This includes personal statements for a class like UWP 104


Appeals Letters


Scholarship Essays


Transfer Essays



Personal Statements for Graduate or Professional School






Cover Letters


Applications for UCD Undergraduate Programs


Making the Most of Writing Studio

Located in the University House Annex, the studio is open from 12pm-5pm Monday through Thursday during the regular school year and 1pm-4pm during Summer Session 1. We have limited hours during Summer Session 2. 

  • Enter the Space
  • Once you enter, sign in and find a seat at any table or computer. The tutors, specialists, and assistants will be wearing name tags. If you have a question, you may take a number and wait for your number to be called. You're welcome to write and print (on studio computers) as often as you like when the studio is open.
  • Come Regularly
  • Using the Writing Studio regularly allows you to get your questions answered on a continuous basis and form relationships with tutors and your peers. We recommend you come early in the quarter and early in your writing process.
  • What to bring to the Writing Studio
  • We recommend you bring all materials related to your writing task, so the specialists, assistants, and tutors can be as helpful as possible. These materials may include:

    The course syllabus with important dates and deadlines
    A printed copy of your draft, prompt, reading, etc.
    Textbook (or e-text), class notes, handouts
    Materials related to your draft (e.g., feedback from others, brainstorming)
    Questions or concerns about your readings or assignments

  • The role of tutors and specialists
  • While tutors, assistants, and specialists are great academic resources, they cannot replace class or complete the work for you. We can ask you guiding questions, answer your questions, facilitate connections between you and your peers, recommend resources and offer suggestions so you can reach informed decisions on your own writing. We will often assign tasks and resources encourage active learning; you're encouraged to work on your writing before and after working with us.

  • Your role as a student
  • You can work independently or with a study group on your writing or reading assignment. We are available to answer your questions, but depending on demand, you may not get all your questions answered. We encourage you to also use any of the resources we have in the room (the Aggie Grammar Guide, the computers, style guides, composition textbooks, and dictionaries) to find answers on your own. We would like to emphasize that using the Writing Studio will not guarantee a passing/high grade in your courses if you do not do any work outside of the studio. To do well in your courses, you will also need to attend class, utilize office hours, and do your own studying and writing.

Writing Workshop Schedule

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due and Avoiding Plagiarism (located in Shields Library room 165)

  • January 30th at 1:30
  • February 5th at 2:10
  • February 14th at 12:10. 

Services for Faculty and Staff

If you would like a Writing Specialist to visit your class, please visit our interest form.

The Writing Specialists would be happy to schedule a visit to your class. We can provide the following services:

  • A 15-20 minute presentation on AATC services (Note: This can be for any class with a CRN)

  • A customized workshop tailored to your class developed in consultation with you (Note: For a customized workshop, we need the request at least 4 weeks in advance)

  • A generalized workshop on a writing topic (e.g., how to avoid plagiarism, thesis writing, or grammar) developed in consultation with you

Campus partners (e.g., strategic initiative centers or academic departments) can offer special programming around writing in The Writing Studio.

Due to high demand for visits and workshops, we will only be able to do in-class workshops for classes outside of the field of composition.

Please contact Kevin Sitz (kwsitz@ucdavis.edu) for more information.