Meet Our Team

Who We Are:

Our tutoring team is comprised of our Tutor Management Team, Lead Tutor, Head Subject Tutors, Content Review Leaders, and over 200 undergraduate tutors. Our large team works in unison to provide tutoring services to our entire campus community!

Tutor Management Team

The Tutor Management Team is comprised of our Director of Tutoring, Assistant Director of Tutoring, Tutor Coordinator, Financial & Business Coordinator, and our Writing Recruitment Coordinator. They work together to support tutors in every possible way.

Director of Tutoring, Inez Anders

Dr. C. Inez Anders

Director of Tutoring




Hi Everyone,

I’m Inez and have been working with the tutoring program in the AATC for over 7 years. 

I’ll soon be an aggie alum. I’m working on my dissertation for my EdD in Educational Leadership where I’m talking to other tutoring center professionals about equity in their work.

I look forward to seeing you all in the tutoring pedagogy course each quarter and serving as a support for you all in the important work you do to offer academic support to your peers.

Love getting visitors and happy to chat about how you frame your work as tutors to transition into your career or grad school. You all do important work and I’m proud to work alongside you.

Assistant Director of Tutoring, Katie Pinkston

Katie Pinkston 

Assistant Director of Tutoring



Hi, AATC Tutors!
Please call me Katie or Katie P. I’ve been the Assistant Director of Tutoring with AATC for a little over a year now, but I’ve been working in collegiate tutoring programs (especially writing centers) for 16 years. I started as a student peer tutor just like you and developed a passion for listening to college students and supporting their particular educational needs.
I’ve stayed in tutoring because I love continuing to learn with tutors and feel honored to work with a community of peers dedicated to providing academic support outside of the classroom. I am thrilled to talk shop any time you want to stop by my office in 2264 Dutton Hall.

When I’m not working with tutors, I enjoy spending time with my close social circle, talking with my plants, and making every animal friend I can. 

Tutor Coordinator, Aditi Jain

Aditi Jain 

Tutor Coordinator



Hello Tutors! 

My name is Aditi and I am the Tutor Coordinator at the AATC. My responsibilities include running our social media, updating guides and how-tos, as well as conducting observations, Job Discussions, and New Tutor Orientations. 

I started working at the AATC back in 2020 as a Student Program Coordinator, and have loved working at the AATC ever since! I graduated from UC Davis in Fall 2022 with a degree in cognitive science with a neuroscience emphasis. In my free time, I like to crochet, bake, and play with my dog!

Financial and Business Coordinator, Crystal Sandoval

Crystal Sandoval 

Financial and Business Coordinator

Hi AATC Tutors! My name is Crystal, and I am here to serve you for all your Timesheet and Payroll needs! Happy to help, and If can’t I will direct you to the right place!

I have had a great experience working in academic support, and look forward to continuing and learning more each day!

I share my home with my husband, two kids and 3 dogs! Busy and hectic life but love every single moment!

Can’t go without my morning Coffee to start my day!

Writing Recruitment Coordinator, Heather Sturman

Heather Sturman

Writing Recruitment Coordinator

My name is Heather, I use she/her pronouns, and I’m also a Writing Specialist here at the AATC. Originally from southern California, I’ve been at UCD since 2007, when I started my PhD program in Linguistics. After I graduated, I started working at the AATC in 2013, and I’ve been here ever since! A fun fact about me: When I was 10 years old, Nickelodeon selected a short story of mine to be animated. Then on a family vacation to Orlando, I got to record voices in a recording booth and got a behind-the-scenes tour of Nickelodeon studios. Unfortunately, my story didn’t end up being aired, but it was still a neat experience.

Tutor Leadership Team

Our Tutor Leadership team is comprised of our Lead Tutor and our Head Subject Tutors. The Tutor Leadership team plays an integral role in supporting the tutoring program by conducting observations and feedback sessions for fellow tutors.

Lead Tutor, Sophia Bessa
CHE 2 HST, Faizah Asif
CHE 2 HST, Alan Nava
CHE 8/118 HST, Rebecca Limary
CHE 8/118 HST, Michael Yasuda
Sophia Bessa, Lead Tutor Faizah Asif, CHE 2 HST Alan Nava, CHE 2 HST Rebecca Limary, CHE 8/118 HST Michael Yasuda, CHE 8/118 HST
MAT 16 HST, Antonina Bazulin
MAT 17 HST, Nathan Gill
MAT 17 HST, Noelle Mcculloh
MAT 21 HST, Manasvini Narayanan
Antonina Bazulin, MAT 16 HST Nathan Gill, MAT 17 HST Noelle Mcculloh, MAT 17 HST Manasvini Narayanan, MAT 21 HST
PHY 7 HST, Darren Adela
PHY 9 HST, Arvind Tawker
Writing HST, Heela Nasiri
Writing HST, Wyatt Wang
Darren Adela, PHY 7 HST Arvind Tawker, PHY 9 HST Heela Nasiri, Writing HST Wyatt Wang, Writing HST

Content Review Leaders

Our amazing Content Review Leaders host AATC Content Reviews weekly. They work hard to ensure that students are getting the support they need with course material. Content reviews are a great resource for those looking to work with a tutor, go over course concepts, and do practice problems!

MAT 17 Content Review Leader, Taylor Martinez
CHE 118 CRL, Bryant Tran
Taylor Martinez, MAT 17 CRL Bryant Tran, CHE 118 CRL


Become a Tutor

If you are interested in helping others be as successful as you are, consider applying for a tutoring position. The rewards are great for both you and the students! Please click here for more information and to fill out our online application form.