All Drop-in Tutoring

Tutoring and AATC Front Desk Updates

All AATC services are offered remotely for winter 2021 and spring 2021.
The Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has created a website with Resources for Racial Trauma.

AATC Tutoring for the 2020-2021 Remote Academic Year

Beginning on October 12, 2020 AATC will offer different ways for students to get help from our team of Peer Tutors.

finger pointing at button with up arrowVirtual Drop-in Room

  • No appointment needed
  • Click the link to enter the waiting room during open drop-in hours
  • Staff will admit students and assign them to the next available tutor

calendar iconOne-on-One Appointments

  • Schedule in advance using OASIS
  • Find a tutor from the menu who has the subject you want listed
  • Pick a time and schedule a Zoom appointment

recurring appointment iconTutor-led Content Reviews

  • Meet on Zoom at the same time each week during the quarter
  • No need to sign-up in advance
  • Each week will cover different topics

Other Academic Department Resources (Not AATC Tutors)

The following schedules are for resources provided by individual academic departments and are not staffed by AATC Tutors. For information about these programs, please contact the department directly. AATC is not affiliated with these services.

Chemical Engineering: tutoring calendar online for spring 2020 (link verified 3/31/20)

Computer Science: tutoring calendar (as of 3/31/20 no information about spring 2020 online)

Economics: tutoring calendar online for spring 2020 (link verified 4/7/20)

Mathematics: Calculus room is open fall, winter, and spring quarters (link verified 6/12/20)

UWP, Entry Level Writing: Peer Educator Appointments online for spring 2020 (link verified 3/30/20)