Coronavirus Information

We understand the campus directives about remote learning raises some questions. Student Affairs has created and will be updating a page with frequently asked questions for students.

All Drop-in Tutoring

Tutoring Updates

AATC Drop-in Tutoring will move online for spring quarter 2020. Book an Appointment tab coming soon.

AATC Drop-in Tutoring

During finals week limited hours and subjects will be available - usually chemistry, math, physics, and statistics.

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Writing Drop In and Hours (click for schedule)

Writing Studio will open on June 24 for summer session 1 2019

During finals week, the Writing Studio will be open from 12pm-4pm Monday through Thursday.

Writing Specialist appointments are also available during finals week.

The Entry Level Writing Tutoring and Counseling Program also provides services for students in WLD 57

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program provides services for graduate students

Other Academic Department Resources (Not AATC Tutors)

The following schedules are for resources provided by individual academic departments and are not staffed by AATC Tutors. For information about these programs, please contact the department directly. AATC is not affiliated with these services.

Chemical Engineering: tutoring calendar (link verified 10/01/19)

Computer Science: tutoring calendar (link verified 12/18/2019)

Economics: tutoring calendar (link verified 12/18/2019)

Mathematics: Calculus room (link verified 11/20/19)

UWP, Entry Level Writing: Peer Educator Appointments (link verified 11/20/19)