There will be no Sunday tutoring on May 29. Sunday tutoring for CHE and MAT will be open 3-7 PM on June 5, 2022.

AATC Engineering


For Fall Quarter 2021, we will not be offering in-person, drop-in tutoring. We will still be offering remote, one-on-one tutoring (see below). AATC works in partnership with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) to provide tutoring to students in the major in some ENG and EME courses as well as Python. You can learn about how this is funded on Chevron Tutoring Center site.

Book an Individual Appointment (Zoom)

UC Davis undergraduate students can book individual appointments with a Peer Tutor or Writing Specialist using the OASIS appointment system

How does it work?

MAE Oasis Tutoring

We offer remote, one-on-one tutoring on Zoom with an undergraduate tutor for Python and various ENG and EME courses (see below). To register for an Oasis appointment, click here or click the green calendar icon above. Tutoring begins April 4.


Course Hours Location
Python, ENG 102/103, EME 106/165 MTWR 9 AM - 7 PM Remote (Zoom)


Other Academic Department Resources (Not AATC Tutors)

The following schedules are for resources provided by individual academic departments and are not staffed by AATC Tutors. For information about these programs, please contact the department directly. AATC is not affiliated with these services.

Chemical Engineering: tutoring calendar online (link verified 03/21/22)

Computer Science: peer-led tutoring calendar (link verified 03/21/22)

Economics: tutoring calendar (link verified 03/21/22)

Languages: online resources from the Language Lab (link verified 03/21/22)

Mathematics: Calculus room (link verified 03/21/22)

Physics: physics club and study room (link verified 03/21/22)

UWP, Entry Level Writing: Peer Educator Appointments (link verified 03/21/22)