AATC Mathematics

Tutoring Updates

All AATC individual appointments and drop-in tutoring are happening on Zoom.
The Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has created a website with Resources for Racial Trauma.

AATC Tutors provide support for students enrolled in MAT12, 16, 17, and 21

calendar icon OASIS Appointments: If it is your first time making a tutoring appointment, please start by reading these brief instructions.

Image Description: teal colored calendar icon with circular error indicating recurring meeting FALL 2020 | MAT Content Review and Workshops

Course AATC Support Days and Times Specialist
Starting October 13
Join the Content Review on Zoom T,R 2 - 4 p.m. Jared
MAT22A Register for Workshops on Zoom M,W 1:10 - 2 p.m. Casey
MAT22B Register for Workshops on Zoom M,W 3:10 - 4 p.m. Casey

Fall 2020 | MAT Pre and Co-classes

The following courses are not searchable by name in Schedule Builder; search for the CNR. CO-17 courses will appear as "CO-16" in Schedule Builder. Download the Fall Pre and Co Class Schedule (pdf)

Remote Instruction

AATC Specialists will be teaching all pre and co classes remotely for fall 2020. Times listed are for live/synchronous sessions. Students are encouraged to email the Specialist to add with a PTA if there are any scheduling conflicts with the live sessions.

All courses are graded with P/NP grading. MAT000B, MAT000D, WLD910, and WLD920 all carry 3 workload units, while all co-classes carry 1 workload unit. For questions about these classes or enrollment, please contact Sara Hawkes