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We understand the campus directives about remote learning raises some questions. Student Affairs has created and will be updating a page with frequently asked questions for students.

AATC Mathematics

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Tutoring Updates

AATC Drop-in Tutoring will move online for spring quarter 2020. Book an Appointment tab coming soon.

Spring 2020

AATC is committed to helping students throughout spring quarter. The team of Math Specialists will continue to offer workload precalculus as well as a full list of co-calculus courses. Enroll on Schedule Builder, or email the instructor to be added to canvas without enrolling.

Tutoring will be provided by our highly trained group of undergraduate tutors. They will offer remote appointments in the same subjects students have enjoyed getting support with all year. Book an Appointment tab is coming soon.

Current Math Specialists are: Casey, Claire, DuffGrant, James,  and Sara

  • Courses We Teach
  • Math Specialists and graduate students teach sections of MATB, MATD, and workload Precalculus. These courses each carry 3 workload units which to not count toward graduation, but do count toward full-time status and minimum progress.

    MATB - offered Fall only

    Topics covered include:properties of numbers, exponents and radicals, graphing coordinates, linear equations and inequalities, graphing lines, properties of polynomials, factoring polynomials. A skills assessment in given on the first day of class to determine areas for focus.

    MATD - offered Fall and Winter if sufficient enrollment

    Topics covered include:polynomials, systems of linear and nonlinear equations, exponent rules, rational exponents, radical equations, factoring, rational expressions, linear and non-linear inequalities, absolute values, the coordinate plane, graphing lines and parabolas, and a brief introduction to exponential and logarithmic functions (exponentials and logarithmic functions are covered more in-depth in precalculus).

    WLD910 (workload precalculus) - offered Fall, Winter, and Spring if sufficient enrollment

    Topics covered include:graphing lines, parabolas, and circles; optimization; exponents, radicals, logarithms, and log laws; simple and compound interest; exponential growth and decay; graphing absolute value, logarithmic, and exponential functions; piecewise functions; graphing polynomials and rational functions; composition of functions and inverses; difference quotients; domain and range; and trigonometry, including right triangle applications, the unit circle, radian and degree measures, trig graphs, trig identities, and simple trig equations.


    There are no set cutoffs for placement into MATB, MATD, and WLD910. Instead, we have developed a flowchart (below) to help get students in the right part of their path toward success in Calculus.


    MATB and MATD are searchable in Schedule Builder. For other Schedules and CRNs please see Pre and Co classes tab below. For questions, contact Sara Hawkes.

    flow chart for placement into precalculus

Spring 2020 MAT and STA Pre and Co Classes (click for schedule)

Spring Quarter 2020 - ALL Pre and Co classes will be held online. Hours listed below are for live support with the specialist listed. Student who cannot attend the Zoom session during that time can add the class. Please see Canvas for more information and course requirements.

Math and Science Specialist Websites

Chemistry: Jade, Mariya

Math: Casey, Claire, Duff, Grant, James, Sara

Physics: Casey, Duff

Statistics: James, Sara