AATC Economics

Tutoring and AATC Front Desk Updates

The AATC Virtual Front Desk will open for Summer on June 21.
Are you taking classes this summer? AATC will have tutoring starting June 21 for: CHE 2, 8, 118; MAT 16, 17, 21; PHY 7, 9; and Writing support for any course.
The Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has created a website with Resources for Racial Trauma.

ECN 1A, 1B, and 101

During the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, AATC Tutors provide support for students enrolled in ECN 1A, 1B, and 101. Fall tutoring schedules will be available by September 15.

Other Academic Department Resources (Not AATC Tutors)

The following schedules are for resources provided by individual academic departments and are not staffed by AATC Tutors. For information about these programs, please contact the department directly. AATC is not affiliated with these services.

Chemical Engineering: tutoring calendar online (link verified 3/23/21)

Computer Science: tutoring calendar (link verified 3/23/21)

Economics: tutoring calendar online (link verified 3/23/21)

Mathematics: Calculus room online (link verified 3/23/21)

UWP, Entry Level Writing: Peer Educator Appointments online (link verified 3/23/21)