Passive Voice Formation - Intermediate Practice

Intermediate Practice

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For each sentence, first determine if it is active or passive and select your answer. Second, revise each sentence in the text boxes to change active voice to passive voice and passive voice to active voice. Remember, if a passive sentence does not have a doer, you will have to include one when forming the active. 

There may be multiple correct ways to revise each sentence, although you will see only one option after you submit each response. Optional "by" phrases appear in parentheses in the possible revisions. Make sure your answer has the same verb form and tense as the suggested answer. 

You must respond to each question before the AGG response will be displayed. After you submit each response, you will see the AGG response, but you won’t be able to see your response until the end. After the quiz, you will be able to review the summary of responses including the original sentence, your own response and the AGG revision.This quiz has 20 questions.

Example: My professor appreciated my question.

Answer: Active

Example: My professor appreciated my question.

Passive Revision: My question was appreciated by my professor.

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