Diversity Equity and Inclusion in AATC

DEI Value Statement

At Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers, we acknowledge, embrace, and value the differing perspectives and identities within the campus community. As a department, we recognize the injustices in education that are rooted in historical and present institutional inequities that impact our students. As such, we are committed to providing accessible academic services with an understanding that students come from different backgrounds with varying levels of access to opportunities and resources. Thus, AATC strives to create welcoming and inclusive working environments for students and staff that support learning and growth academically, personally, and professionally. We do so by meeting students and staff where they are and considering their unique lived experience. In these ways, we honor and respect everyone at UC Davis and live out the Principles of Community.

DEI Highlights and Activities

In-progress for Fall 2023-Spring 2024

  • Staff activity: 21 day Racial Equity Challenge (October 13-November 3)
  • Staff collaborative activity: Apply the Accessibility Tips to our materials (Winter Quarter)
  • Hiring: Implementation of racial-equity-focused reading and response task to AATC professional staff and graduate student hiring process

2023 Highlights

  • Designed this Webpage to celebrate and record our activities and resources
  • Continued Bi-weekly meetings
  • Margarita Gonzalez (student member of the workgroup) designed Wellbeing Tips/Wellness Challenge, posted in tutoring spaces
  • Developed a racial-equity-focused reading response and rubric for AATC hiring to learn how applicants would live out DEI principles in their AATC work
  • Guardian Scholars offered Foster Youth Ally Training for professional staff
  • Conducted and analyzed an AATC DEI staff survey, results influenced DEI planning for 2023-24 school year
  • Some DEI Workgroup members attended 2023 ACTLA Conference: Collaborating to Disrupt and Transform Tutoring and Learning for Social Justice
  • Developed an Accessibility Tips guide
  • Created an AATC Inclusive Event Guide

Highlights from 2022

  • DEI Value Statement: finalized after a rigorous revision process including feedback from AATC staff and campus DEI experts
  • AATC Professional Staff activity: Exploring and sharing our identities to better connect with colleagues and challenge stereotypes, Winter 22
  • Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training: Understanding and Mitigating Unconscious Bias collaborative training with ASUCD for professional staff, Spring 22
  • AATC Professional Staff Wellness Activity: Strategies to support staff wellbeing so they can support student wellbeing, Fall 22

Highlights from 2021

  • Created our DEI Workgroup, including student and professional staff members 
    • Student staff receive a quarterly stipend
  • Surveyed professional and student staff to see how AATC is doing on DEI
  • Began DEI Value Statement drafting
  • Discussed DEI topics in bi-weekly professional staff meetings 


DEI Resources

The UC Davis Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website is an excellent place to begin on your DEI journey.

Additional DEI Resources