Math Diagnostic Testing Project

MDTP Goals

  • Helps California's teachers better prepare students for future study in mathematics
  • Identifies topics and skills needed for success in mathematics, and 
  • Brings secondary, college, and university faculty together for cooperative discussions about mathematics education

How is MDTP useful for student learning and instruction?

The MDTP tests are designed to measure student readiness for a broad range of mathematics courses, from Pre-algebra to Calculus.  More importantly, the tests were developed to provide students and teachers with diagnostic information about student preparedness. This information can help students identify specific areas where additional study or review is needed. It can help teachers identify topics and skills that need more attention in courses. The MDTP tests are diagnostic, not comprehensive; they should not be used as final exams.

Visit   to learn about how teachers use the MDTP to:

  • Shift pedagogy and focus
  • Share students strengths and weaknesses
  • Place students for success in math

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which MDTP test should I administer?
  • This is a list of suitable, existing MDTP tests that could be used to measure readiness for students moving up tot he following Common Core aligned classes in the fall. For more specific information on tests please visit the MDTP site 
    • Students Entering
      Test to Administer
      Math 6 or Math 7 7R40A15 or PR40A04
      Math 8 8R40A15 or AR45A10
      Algebra 1/Math 1 HS45A15 or AR45A10
      Geometry GR45A06
      Math II IS45A00
      Algebra II SR45A06
      Math III IT45A00 or SR45A06
      Precalculus MR45A08
      AP Calculus CR45A12
      AP Statistics MR45A08 and WRI
      Discrete Math MR45A08
  • When should I administer the test(s)?
  • Teachers often administer tests near the beginning of the course to help identify curriculum areas that need review, during courses to measure growth from the beginning of the year, and/or near the end of the course to help students prepare for the next mathematics course
  • How do I order testing materials?
  • Visit the main site and submit the form online, or call our office and someone will help you with your order (530) 754-9504
  • Is there a cost to use MDTP testing materials?
  • Generally, no. Materials and services are provided to California secondary schools for no charge. MDTP provides printed testing materials and test results reports at no charge to teachers, schools, and districts.
  • What test subjects do you offer?
  • Pre-algebra Readiness
    Algebra Readiness
    CAHSEE Prep Diagnostic Readiness
    Geometry Readines
    Second Year Algebra Readiness
    Mathematical Analysis Readiness
    Calculus Readiness
  • Does MDTP have written response questions?
  • Teachers can go to the link once orders are placed.
    For each item scored you will receive a copy of the item for reproduction and distribution to your students, an instructor's supplement page containing additional information about the question and ideas for classroom extensions of the question; the MDTP generalized scoring rubric applicable to all MDTP written response questions; and the specialized scoring rubric created specifically for that particular item
  • How quickly after I submit an order are the test materials available?
  • Per the conditions of the CSU/UC MDTP agreement, we do our best to process all orders usually within two days of receipt of answer sheets. We can either mail the results to you or you can pick them up in our office on the UC Davis Campus. Please take into consideration weekends and holidays when ordering materials to be shipped and for items that are scored that are being sent back.
  • Do you offer testing materials for non-English speakers?
  • Yes! We offer several test in Spanish: pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and second-year algebra readiness. On the order form, let us know how many you will need.
  • How long does it take to receive the test results?
  • Per the conditions of the CSU/UC MDTP agreement, our office strives to have test results available within two days of receipt of answer sheets. Please do keep in mind that mail can take several days to get to our office. We can have test results mailed to you, or you are welcome to pick them up in Dutton Hall. Also please factor in weekends and holidays when anticipating turn-around times.
  • Does my county work with the UC Davis MDTP site?
  • The UC Davis site works with schools in the following counties: Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Sutter, and Yolo. If you do not see your school's county on this list, please visit
  • How do I administer the computerized test?
  • Teachers and schools and districts can now administer some MDTP tests online vis Daskala and have immediate access to data. To learn about the MDTP computerized test, visit
    Alternately, you can contact for any additional questions.
  • Is the MDTP test helpful with changes to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics?
  • Yes! MDTP began developing readiness tests aligned to the new California Common Core Standards for Mathematics in 2013. With the creation of the Grade 8 Mathematics course and the change in expectations for what is taught in Grade 7 Mathematics and Algebra I, the MDTP Workgroup began assembling a Grade 7 Math Readiness Test (7R40D15), Grade 8 Math Readiness Test (8R40D15), and High School Readiness Test (HS45A15). The second year of field testing began in fall 2014, and the goal this fall MDTP released three new Common Core aligned tests: 7th Grade Math Readiness, 8th Grade Math Readiness, and High School Math Readiness (appropriate for Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1 classes). In 2014, the Workgroup began work on two new tests for schools implementing the integrated pathway. These tests will measure readiness for high school Math II and Math II courses. If you would like to participate int eh 2015-2016 field testing and your school has already moved to align its math courses with the new CCSS, please contact