Online Math Jumpstart

What is Math Jumpstart?

Online Math Jumpstart (OMJ) is a 3-week intensive summer math program offered entirely online starting August 19. The program is for motivated incoming first year freshman and transfer students who want to connect with a supportive group of peers and mentors to get a jumpstart on skills that are essential to thriving in calculus at UC Davis.  Students will learn through a combination of math video lessons posted in Canvas (the online learning management system most UC Davis instructors utilize) and an adaptive math program called ALEKS.  A key benefit of OMJ is regular check-in appointments and online office hours with math specialists from the Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers.  Students should expect to spend 10-15 hours a week during the program watching videos and working through problems in ALEKS.  Because OMJ is 100% online, you can prepare for the expectations and rigors of studying math-intensive courses at UC Davis without leaving home or giving up valuable time with family, summer work, or internship experiences.

What are the benefits of participating?

For the 2018 cohort, students increased their math placement exam scores by 11-15 points on average. Students also reported feeling more confident about starting math at UC Davis and knowing the resources that are available to support success in math.

How can I participate in Jumpstart 2019?

Incoming freshman and transfer students must complete an application to participate in the program. All applications must be received by 5pm on August 12th. Notifications about acceptance for the program will be sent by email no later than August 15th.

How much does is cost to participate in Jumpstart?

There is no cost if you are selected to participate. Students who apply, but are not selected can still use the ALEKS math program and may be eligible for a need-based fee waiver.

How do I know if I need to take calculus?

About 70% of students at Davis are in majors that require some calculus. The requirements for your major (and links to each major website) can be found in the UC Davis catalog.


For more information contact Sara Hawkes:

OMJ Application Questions

There is a short application for participation in the Online Math Jumpstart Program. Please be prepared to answer the following questions in the Qualtrics survey:

  • Name, UC Davis student ID number, email address
  • Freshman or Transfer Student?
  • Have you taken the math placement exam?
  • How do you access the internet? Cell phone, tablet, computer...
  • What do you expect to acheive through completion of the Online Math Jumpstart (OMJ) program? How do you anticipate the program will impact your first quarter at UC Davis? (200 words max)
  • During the duration of the 3 week Online Math Jumpstart (OMJ) program, students should be spending 10-15 hours per week working through the OMJ program materials. Please comment on how we can support you in your plan to balance OMJ and any personal commitments you may have (job, family, friends, hobbies, etc) during program. (200 words max)